About Us

That dreaded phone call, that moment at a hospital when a loved one is gone, and that heart-wrenching feeling fills you with sadness. After all the emotion the reality sits in: what about all the possessions, insurance, utilities, funeral expenses, and what do we do about the house?

And then the phone starts to ring. Everyone is calling, attorneys, realtors, clean-up people etc. Who do you trust? Let me take this moment to introduce myself my name is Ralph Vargas long time realtor with a cigar-smoking habit

I have been licensed since 1995 in the Chicago area including NW Indiana. Building homes, rehabbing homes and helping many many buyers and sellers. I have a niche for tax bailouts as everyone knows the property taxes are out of sight in the Cook County area and from my perspective, ruins the lives of families. My job as a probate specialist is to reduce all the decisions to be made and make the process as headache-free as possible. Let’s get the place cleaned-out, get the probate started, get the house closed and all the bills paid off.

I am very fast at meeting you when my staff calls or my letter has come in please make the appointment at your earliest convenience, I will be there. And I will leave the cigar in the truck!

Ralph Vargas

REALTOR® and Probate Expert